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Data Recovery

Data recovery is Laura’s favorite kind of work. People really appreciate it when you get back data they thought was lost to them, and Laura finds this very rewarding.

There are two kinds of data loss; the worst is when the hard drive in question breaks physically. We can’t fix that; you need one of the biggies in data recovery to handle that. Those companies are able to rebuild the drive using spare parts, and get the data that way. It’s expensive and time-consuming, but it can be done.

Fortunately, most data loss occurs when the structure of the drive’s data areas becomes damaged. This can be fixed, and we’re experts at it. Fixing this sort of damage is not usually time-consuming nor expensive. You can think in terms of hundreds, rather than thousands of dollars, at most.

If you have data you can’t get at for whatever reason, and are in the Los Angeles area, call Laura at (818) 961-2717, or email laura@piumasoft.com.