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InSight™ Software

You’ve got a crime, and a suspect you think is guilty. There is only one problem: proving it. Do you take the suspect’s computer(s)? If so, what do you do with them?

InSight™ is PiumaSoft’s premier investigative software. Much more than just a file carver, InSight™ is a set of 29 different tools (as of version 2.91). InSight™ facilitates investigations into hard drives and other tree-like data sources in many ways.

Five years in the development, InSight™ is regarded (by us, at least) as the premier investigative software available today. And we’re not done yet.

Four licensing options are available. A “Single Server” license allows you to run the software on a single server. Yes, you can use that server as a virtualization host. However, all resources, including disk space, must come from that one server.

A “Single Server/SAN” license is similar to the single server license, but allows you to get the disk space from a Storage Area Network (SAN). All resources except disk space must still come from a single server.

A “Site License” allows for the software to be used in an unrestricted way in one “site”, which is defined as a building or buildings connected by LAN infrastructure. A “Multi-Site License” allows the software to be used throughout an organization, regardless of locations.

License costs are as follows:

  1 Year  3 Years  5 Years
Single Server  $US 1,000  $US 2,700 $US 4,000
Single Server/SAN  $US 1,500 $US 4,050 $US 6,000
Site License  $US 2,000 $US 5,400 $US 8,000
Multi-Site License  $US 4,000  $US 10,800  $US 16,000


Any inferior license type can be upgraded to any superior type by paying the difference in cost for the same term. All licensing options include all version updates as well as access to technical support.

InSight™ is available to police departments and legitimate investigative agencies in the U.S., Canada and other Commonwealth countries, and the EU.

To receive the documentation for InSight™, email Laura Brandewie with the following information: name, rank or job title, work phone number, work email, and name of department or agency. Be sure your email can handle a 3 MB attachment. To receive the code itself, send a check or money order for the appropriate amount, (in U.S. funds please) to:

PiumaSoft LLC
25820 Piuma Road
Monte Nido, CA 91302 USA

Please specify the email address you want the code sent to. Or, you can use PayPal by sending payment to paypal@piumasoft.com. Please also send an email to Laura explaining the source and reason for the payment. Thank you.